My period was quite light – is this normal?

Dear Suzie,
I am 13.
My last period was quite light. I only had some brown stuff in my pants. Is this normal?
Also, my breasts are sore and tender when touched, but my period isn’t due. Is this normal or should I see a doctor?

If you’ve had sex, or have been in a sexual situation with a boy where he might have got fluid from his penis on his fingers and then put his fingers inside your vagina, you might be pregnant. If not, then no you aren’t.

It’s perfectly normal for periods to be all over the place during your first two years of having them. They can come at odd times and last for more days or fewer days than usual. The blood may be heavy and red or scanty and brown. It’s also common for breasts to feel bloated and tender for a few days before a period. In fact, the tenderness can last for up to 14 days – the time between ovulation happening and your period beginning. You’ll find all about it in the excellent leaflet from the fpa.

If you’ve had any sexual contact then I do urge you to see your doctor at once. You can talk to him or her in total confidence. If you are pregnant the doctor will help you decide what’s best for you and help you break the news to the people who care for you. Don’t even think of hiding it or hoping it will go away. You can’t and it won’t and you’ll need support as soon as possible. But the simple fact is; no sexual contact, then no pregnancy – and periods aren’t always on time or the same each month. Good luck!

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