I dont no who 2 talk 2

Dear Suzie,
i am having really bad family problems and i dont no who 2 talk 2 plz give me some advice

Since I don’t know how old you are – whether you are at school or college, or at work – and what sort of problems you have – arguments, abuse, family break-up – I’ll try to cover all bases.

Relate offers counselling for young people when the family is having problems, and for the whole family too. It’s free to young people – Relate charges only what you can afford if you’re in work.

You should also have someone at your college or school who is there for you – ask your tutor or a trusted teacher. If you’re at work, your own GP should be someone you could ask for help and advice.

You could also contact Childline or ring them on 0800 1111.

All these places or people are there for you and will be only too happy to help. It does sound as if you’re having a hard time and you don’t deserve to be so sad. Please do ask for some support.

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