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Fed up with losing in love, angry with a partner, in despair because family, friends and life itself seems to let you down?

Whether and whenever you feel powerless and overwhelmed or just curious and in need of a boost, this could be the place to come.

You’ll find ideas to make an OK time even better and answers to many of your questions about sex, your body or how to make yourself understood. I can’t promise to wave a magic wand and provide the fix for everything in your life – nobody can do that for you. What I can do is use my professional expertise to offer some ideas, suggestions and support so that you will be confident enough to find what works for you.

I’ve got solutions, but it’s you who can make them work!

A new publication!

I had two new books published last year, written may be a help to anyone in these situations; Teach Yourself Step-parenting and Teach Yourself Single Parenting. Both are published by Hodder Education in their “Teach Yourself” range, at £8.99.

But now I’ve a new one out, in the same range at £7.99; Teach Yourself Parenting Your Teenager

Look out for them! You can find them on amazon or at Hodder