Can you get pregnant in a swimming pool without having sex?

Dear Suzie,
I haven’t had sex.
I was wondering, can you get pregnant in a swimming pool without having sex?

No you can’t. You can only get pregnant if viable – that, living and vigorous – sperm gets into your vagina or sex passage. Swimming pools may sometimes be pretty unhygienic places – people do pee and do all sorts of things in them! That’s why they are full of chlorine and other chemicals, to keep them as clean as possible and to protect you.

You get pregnant if you have sex. You can, sometimes, also get pregnant if you or a boy has fluid from his penis on fingers and pass it into your sex passage – during sex play, for instance. But just sitting on a loo seat, swimming near a boy, kissing – none of these will get you pregnant. If you’ve petted, however, and your period is late – then it may be a good idea to see your doctor at once. You can talk to him or her in total confidence.

If you’re worried because your period is late or is lighter than you expect, don’t forget that periods are often irregular in the first two years of having them. Have a look at this excellent leaflet from the fpa. But don’t feel you should miss out on the fun and excellent exercise you get in swimming because of any fears on this score. It can’t happen!

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