Is it ok to touch?

Dear Suzie, im 14 is it ok for me to touch my private parts.

Of course! 14 is a very normal and natural age to be exploring your own body and the pleasure you can give yourself.

Please ignore all the old, silly tales you might hear – that masturbation makes you go blind, grow hair on your palms, go mad. Masturbation won’t “spoil you for the real thing” either. Everyone does it and in fact it’s a very good way of finding out about your body and how it works.

If you want to know a bit more, have a look in your local or school library or local bookshop for books such as The Sex Book: A no-nonsense guide for teenagers by Jane Pavanel or It’s Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris. Apart from anything else, they’ll reassure you that you’re not the only one asking the question!

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