Does he love me in the same way?

Dear Suzie, ive known this guy for 2 good years, we both like each other and weve said it to each other that we do to however he hasn’t replied back to my emails n he doesnt really speak to me much. things have changed between us i love him and i cant stop thinking about him but i dont know if he loves me in the same way. please can you help me!!!

Hang on; you’ve known him for 2 years, both told each other you like the other…but he doesn’t reply to emails and he doesn’t speak to you. Much. I’m sorry to say that it sounds as if things have, indeed, changed. He seems to have moved on. Or maybe, he never really saw this relationship in the same way you did. Sounds as if he felt you were a friend not a romantic interest.

It may be less about you than what else is happening in his life. It’s very easy to assume you’re the central person in this scenario; after all, you’ the heroine of your own movie. But in his movie, the script might be a little different. Maybe over the last two years he’s felt less involved in you. Maybe he’s met someone and she’s the person he loves. This silence has made you keener on him and has allowed you to build him up in your mind. The person you love isn’t so much him as his nicer fantasy self; the person you think he is but may not be.

Send him one last email saying you haven’t heard from him and would love to do so. If you still don’t hear, then it’s time for you to take what seems to be a pretty solid hint, and move on too.

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