I hate the gay agenda!

Dear Suzie,
I am sick and tired of having the gay agenda shoved down my throat. It is wrong. When it becomes your one and only son it is extremely personal. You have absolutely no idea the pain a parent is in. I love my son with all my heart but I am embarrassed and disgusted by what my son does. No group and their psyco babble will convince me otherwise. I pray every day that God will enlighten my son and make this nightmare go away. This is Hell on earth.

I do sympathise with the pain, and anger, you are feeling. All parents have hopes and dreams for their children and it’s really confusing, and causes deep anguish and rage, when these seem to be dashed.

So what can I say to you? I can point out that your son is the same boy he ever was – the person who loves you and that you love too. Little has actually changed in recognising his sexuality.

You’re embarrassed and disgusted by ‘what your son does’? Well, to tell you the truth all children are embarrassed and disgusted by the thought of their parents ‘doing’ those things that 9 months later brought them into the world! Dwelling on the sex act, whether it’s between two people of the opposite or same gender, is likely to turn you off when it’s a parent or a child of your own you focus on.

As for ‘the gay agenda’ – I had no idea there was one. If you mean efforts by myself and many people like me to change the terrible wrongs of the past when people were hounded, often to death, by prejudice and misunderstanding then I’m relieved to say I don’t think this will go back to how it was. We now know that sexual orientation is genetic and not something you learn or can change and that sexual orientation is as much a natural variable as is hair colour.

You son is not going to turn straight because of your prayers or your anger. What is going to happen is that the child you brought up and love is going to be made miserable and alienated by your attitude. It doesn’t help him, and it doesn’t help you. You could ‘make the nightmare go away’ by realising it is not a nightmare.

It would help to talk with other parents who also have found this a difficult situation. I do sympathise with your emotions and strongly suggest you contact FFLAG – Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. They really will understand and help you. Good luck!

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