I need to shave every day!

Dear Suzie, im desperate for help on what to do about facial hair on women . i have mostash hairs plus on my chin and now ive spotted them starting on my jaw i need to shave every day but it still stands out a mile as it is thick black and can see the roots . i cant afford to pay out much but if used top brand hair removers ive used epilators and wax , those all last roughly a week or less . ive shaved the mostach for roughly 20 years as it all started when i was put on medication for epilepsy now im so desperate ive even thought of ways to marking my face so they stare at that instead as its just as painful as a cut . please help

Hair grows at the same rate whether you shave, wax, pluck or use a depilatory cream. If you shave or depilate, you cut or melt the hair off as it comes out of the skin and it will always be stumpy and thus more noticeable. If you wax or pluck, the hair has to regrow so not only will it take longer to emerge but be finer when it does. But it is a continuous job – the hair will return unless you pay for electrolysis which destroys the roots altogether. Doesn’t matter what brand you use and how much you pay – all the methods you mention are only temporary.

You could bleach, using a facial hair product you can get at you local chemist. That lasts a bit longer but is still only a temporary solution. I’m afraid if it really distresses you, electrolysis is the only route.

But before you even consider that I would strongly suggest you see your doctor. You need to talk over with him or her whether this was triggered by medication or simply developed because of the age you were at the time as you were diagnosed. Whichever, your doctor may be able to suggest something not least because some hair growth occurs with conditions that may need investigation. See your doctor, talk it through and see if he or she can suggest something to help. Good luck!

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