I’m really really attracted to my mates girl friend

Dear Suzie, im really really attracted to my mates girl friend and i believe she is attracted to me. we have been flirting near enough non stop the last couple of days and we both miss each other lots, we kinda got into the conversation of how would i make her happy by being her boyfriend etc etc so i replied and said allowing her to be herself instead of someone else etc etc and it just goes on. we then started flirting abit more. later that night she said she had a party to go to with her bf and i just felt low afterwards because i know i will miss her loads. can you tell if she wants to be with me or not? please help me suzie

She’s a friend’s girlfriend so if you get off with her, you’re betraying him. Would you like that to happen to you or would you feel let down? If she wasn’t happy and finished with him and then came to you, that would be another matter, but as it stands you both could be playing with fire and risking hurting someone you both value.

But her flirting could be just that – a pleasant game, without serious intentions. She may feel able to carry on with you because, being her boyfriend’s mate, she thinks you all know it’s not to be taken seriously.

From what you tell me, no, I can’t tell if she wants to be with you instead of him. The only way you could find out would be to ask her. Before you do so, consider what might happen. If she says yes, it means hurting him. If she says no, it risks busting up a friendship; she would be embarrassed that you misread the situation and he may be furious you were trying it on. Is it worth it? Personally, I wouldn’t have thought so. My advice would be to stay friends and go get yourself a girlfriend of your own. If in the future they bust up, that’s the time to make your move.

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