i’m nearly 15, he’s 21

Dear Suzie,
hi i like with this 21 year old and im neary 15 in 7 months time i think he likes me but i dont know how do i tell if he likes me or not.
he is always wanting to talk to me and always wanting a hug when i go home at 8.30 9 0’clock whats on his mind is it he likes me or he is just having a bit of fun and that i should leave him to go to someone more into all the things 21 year olds like to do
your thanks girl who likes a lushus man

He’s not luscious, he’s a creep. A 21 year old who tries it on with a 14 year old? That, my dear, is paedophilia. What’s on his mind doesn’t bear thinking about.

What you should do is avoid him like the plague and tell your parents what has been happening. They may choose to talk to your local community police officer about him and I think they’d be doing everyone a favour to do so.

Stick with boys your own age. They may seem silly and clumsy but their interest is honest and equal. Let this man have any more chances with you and you may wind up really regretting it.

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