should i convert?

Dear Suzie, i’m converting over to judaism i’ve all ways been some one thats needed faith in my life. I’m 15 years old an my father is jewish but my mother is not however my mothers side of the family has a lot of jewish blood. I lost faith in being roman catholic long ago an for a bit i did not care anymore about life. now time has greatly changed. Lucky for me this faith still rans through my vains. just worried about being accented my the jewish people. I’m a fairly shy person and I do not know as much as i would like to about judaism. however the little i do know i love cause i’ve seen how much wisdom is there which is something that I need at times like most people. my father an mother hate each other but my mother is more then happy for me to do this. what do you think is right for me?

You’re the only person who knows what is right for you. I always think it best to go with what really feels true. If you want to explore and develop your Jewish roots and learn more about the faith and the culture, then go for it.

It sounds as if it would help you in feeling more connected to both your father and your mother’s family, and perhaps in making a link too between your parents. I’m so sad to hear they don’t get on but your Mum is very wise in backing you up on something that does bond you with him. As long as you don’t go into this feeling it will give you “The Answer”, and give meaning and a solution to all your problems, because I don’t think anything does that.

What you might also do is ask both your parents to think carefully about how they treat each other and, as a consequence, you. Parents who split up finish their own relationship but should continue to be co-parents of their children. When they continue the fight they might have had towards the end of their relationship they not only hurt each other but they can devastate their kids. If they still hate each other maybe it’s time to make some effort to finish the argument and become friends, for your sake as well as theirs. It does occur to me that your need for a faith and a community is a way of saying you wish they would give you security, in no longer hating each other. Good luck!

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