Do boyfriends come before friends?

Dear Suzie, me and my friend have fallen out because we both like the same boy i dont no what to do please help love you XxX ????? XxX

I’m really sorry to hear you and your friend have fallen out over this especially since fighting over a boy is such a waste of time. The fact is that at your age, boyfriends come and go. However kwl this guy is, and however strongly the two of you feel, he’s not going to be the love of your life. But your friend could be a friend for life. So who’s worth more?

My advice would be to say so to her – f2f, in a txt or in a letter or email. Let her know that however much you like this boy, you value your friendship with her more. Then suggest you get together to agree what you’re going to do to settle this unhappy situation as friends again.

Either toss a coin to see who will have first go at going out with him (because, trust me, who ever goes first may only stay with him for a short time and then the other can have their go!) Or accept the fact that there are plenty more fishes in the sea and you should look for a pair you can double date without having to fight over them. Or offer to step down in her favour, agreeing if you both ever find yourself fancying the same boy again it will be your turn. Good luck and I do so hope you end up friends again!

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