I really like this boy…

Dear Suzie, i realy like this boy im 16 and not confedent with my self everyone says he likes me but i past him my number but he never text me but my best friend says he is shy! i realy like him and everyone thinks he likes me and deep down inside me i no he dose what should i do???? help please

Read the previous letter. Hey – maybe it’s him!

So stop hinting and leaving it all in his court. It’s tough being the boy. Everyone expects boys to be confident and to make the first more, and that can be scary. Boys can be shy and insecure too, and frightened of risking humiliation. If you like him and want to spend some time with him or get to know him better, take the burden off by making the first move. You don’t have to declare undying love. Just ask him to hang out with you – for coffee, a morning at the mall, a film on Saturday night.

Wouldn’t it be awful if you went on longing from afar and he felt the same but neither of you did anything and then someone braver than you swept in and snaffled him under your nose? Go on – go for it!

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