I can’t say anything back!

Dear Suzie, i need help am i being bullyed because my so callled friend is always calling me names!! im fed up with it but i carnt say anything back because i have’nt got the guts please help me !!:(

 What do you mean by ‘say anything back’? Bad mouth your friend as your friend is bad mouthing you? That doesn’t take guts. Being nasty is a result of either being mean or having a lack of self confidence. We put other people down to make ourselves feel up. But it doesn’t work, it just makes us feel even worse.

 So next time your friend says something horrible say “I thought we were friends. Friends say nice things about each other, they don’t hurt each other. That’s a hurtful thing to say.” And if your friend doesn’t think again and start being nice, go off and find yourself some new friends.

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