He wants to swing

Dear Suzie,

My husband and I have been married for 10 years, will be 11 in January. In 99 he got to where he wanted to be with another female and did, and i fought for him. Now he wants to swing and im not for that. He says that if I dont let him swing, that i need to dress like a bad girl and talk dirty. im not that type of person. how do i satisfy him so i dont lose him, or is it too late?

Why on earth should you want to satisfy him and try not to lose him? It’s not about whether it’s too late, it’s about whether it’s worth it. A man who cheats on you and then tries to abuse you like this for his own pleasure without a jot of care over what would please or hurt you isn’t worth the candle. Tell him to shape up and start acting like a grownup or sling his hook. You deserve better – far better.

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