The bullies won’t stop!

Dear Suzie, i am being bulliedand i try to ignore it but it won\’t stop please help

I’m really sorry to hear that. Ignoring bullying sometimes helps but tackling it head on tends to stop it, not only for you but anyone else suffering. And make no mistake – this isn’t happening to you because of anything to do with you. Bullies bully because of something to do with them, not because you cause it or deserve it, so other people are in this with you. So stop feeling embarrassed or guilty or in anyway to blame; and that means, blow the whistle on it.

I simply HATE the school code that says complaining about bullying is telling or grassing or letting down the side. Who invented that? Bullies is, that’s who. And why the hell should you suffer to protect them? Tell them to stop or you’ll get it stopped. And if they won’t leave you alone, get help.

All schools now have what’s called a Bullying Policy. In it, the school states bullying is unacceptable and states what they will do to stamp it out. What you need to do is get them to brush off their policy and put it into action.

So – step one is to tell your parents what is happening. Step two is to write down an exact and complete diary of what has been happening – dates and times, description of what happens and who is involved. Keep that diary from now on.

Next, ask your parents to ask for a meeting with your main teacher to discuss what has been going on. They should use the dairy to lay out what has happened and ask for a commitment for it to stop. They may like to point out at this stage – tactfully – that they can and will proceed further up the line if the teacher can’t or won’t act effectively. Your parents have the right to ask the Deputy head, then the Head, then the Board of Governors and finally the local authority to take action – and even the Secretary of State if neither the school nor the Authority is effective.

Your parents may need some help with all this. I’d strongly suggest they contact Parentline Plus, the charity that supports parents, on Parentline 0808 800 2222 or via the website. You might like some extra help from Kidscape.

It’s not your fault and you don’t have to put up with it, so get some help today!

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