Is it a panic attack?

Dear Suzie, I\’m an 18 year old girl and i am always feeling worried about having these feelings that i keep having i get a pain in the back of my head and i cant breathe or think properly my throat feels tight and i\’m really panicking and cart control it it really scares me is this a sign of panic attacks

Sounds like a panic attack to me. So well done for realising what it’s likely to be – you’re half way to dealing with it if you recognise what is going on.

Whatever your reason for having panic attacks the good news is that they can be managed. It helps to talk to someone about your feelings and your life, to bring any worries you have out in the open where they can be dealt with. Do you have a friend, a relative, a teacher who you feel able to trust? What about your own doctor?

Learning relaxation techniques can help and so can making sure you’re looking after yourself – a healthy eating pattern, some good exercise.

You’ll find information about panic attacks and more suggestions on what to do at

Mind. Do ask for some help and get some support.

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