Toothpaste Sex

I’d like a verdict on this unusual (for me) habit my girlfriend insists on during our sexual sessions. She is really all I’ve ever craved. She’s beautiful, and the horniest inventive sexual being I’ve ever met. I’m considering asking her to marry me, but this trick of hers during sex worries me.

It started one night after a good shag when she was bringing me back to hardness by gently rubbing me. Then she produced a large tube of toothpaste, peeled back my foreskin, smearing the knob with toothpaste before drawing forward the foreskin. It stung! She told me not to be a baby. You’ll love it when you’re arousing too. When I was about to fuck her, she asked me to squeeze toothpaste up her, ordering more when I thought one squeeze enough.

It certainly was one heated fuck, with her more excitable and vocal than ever. Since then she expects it every go almost, and it certainly does increase the fervour of our coupling. So far I’ve felt no ill effects except my knob is sore for a while afterwards. But I wonder if any long-term problems may ensure in time through regular use. She won’t agree. We both await your expert opinion!

It’s not exactly the recommended use. For that reason I can’t give you chapter and verse on the risks since toothpaste manufacturers, and the relevant government regulatory bodies, are unlikely to be able to tell you whether it is within guidelines.

However, I will say that it’s actually not an uncommon little variation – she’s not alone in discovering the fresh minty taste gives a zing to the nether regions as well as the mouth. And since toothpaste is designed to be safe in the soft tissues of the mouth I think one can say within reason it’s probably safe. Within reason; vaginal tissue is more friable and delicate than the mouth. And if you’re inserting the nozzle into the anus, make sure it’s cleaned properly before putting it away and using it again.

Most certainly don’t share the same toothpaste, allowing a tube that has touched either of your genitals to touch the other person, or to go from anus to vagina. Remember that organisms safe and healthy in the back passage can wreak havoc in other parts of the body. Apart from that, I’d follow sensible rules and ensure that neither of you continue if you feel at all sore or inflamed.

In essence, you’re using a substance that does slightly irritate the skin to give sensation. If the sensation is momentary or short lived, no harm is done. If it lingers, you’ve damaged the tissue and that could give an entry for infection. Be sensible and maybe save the toothpaste for special occasions – high days and feast days!

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