Slowing Down with Age

What is normal sexual function for males above the age of 50? Other than Viagra and exercise what can be done to maintain and/or increase ones sexual functioning as you age?

“Normal” is one of those terrible words that is more often used to judge than to inform. How often and for how long you have sex depends on your personal taste and the state of your relationship, not on norms. For some, “normal” sexual function is once a day, for an hour at a time. For others, it’s once a month for 5 minutes. For most, it’s somewhere in between. And some 50 year olds are fitter and more sexually active than some 15 year olds – you simply can’t generalize.

There’s no doubt that many people slow down as they age. Erections may take longer to establish, be softer and go down more quickly once you’ve climaxed. But many couples say this is an advantage. Men who have had a problem with coming too quick in their youth may find they can now last longer. Love-making, instead of being fast and urgent, can become relaxed and attentive.

You can use a slight tendency to “go off the boil” to prolong the experience. Let yourself go soft and concentrate on pleasing your partner before regaining your erection to finish together. If you want to maintain healthy and joyful sexual function throughout a long life, the rule is the same as with general health; don’t smoke, drink in moderation, eat wisely and exercise frequently. And, if you don’t want to lose it, use it. That’s as much about keeping the relationship going and making it close and intimate as it is about making sure the bits work.

Accept a certain amount of slowing down, but if you do have any doubts, have a chat with your doctor at once.

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