Am i pregnant?

Dear Suzie, I haven’t been getting my menstrual period lately.I am really worried because I have had intercourse without a condom before.I am real worried.My expected period was supposed to be 4 days ago.My period is regular, so what should I do?

See your doctor AT ONCE. Periods can be late for all sorts of reasons but if you’ve been having unprotected sex, it’s likely to be because you are pregnant. You need to see a doctor a soon as possible, either to help and guide you through a healthy pregnancy or to arrange a termination while it is still safe.

Whatever your age, your doctor will be focused on helping you do what is right for you, and chosen by you. If you are under 16, your doctor will still only tell your parents with your permission. But remember, if you go ahead with the pregnancy they will know about it sooner or later, and sooner is better. If you are under 16 and choose to have a termination, in exceptional cases your doctor may go ahead without their permission, but it’s something that you’ll need their support to manage so your doctor will help you involve them.

If you’re over 16, you can consent to treatment on your own. I’d still say you need to involve those nearest and dearest. but whatever you do you need support now so don’t delay ans see your doc NOW.

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