What are the advantages of being flat chested?

Dear Suzie, I am 14 (nearly 15), slim, small and i am flat chested. I know people must write saying this stuff to you all the time but i hate it. Most boys in my year like girls who have a big cleavage 🙁 I know there is noway to get them to grow, but what are the advantages of being flat chested? PLEASE write back.

The advantages? Good lord, woman; multiple! You can wear designer clothes, all of which are created to lie beautifully on a body with no or small breasts. You can run without having to buy expensive support bras. You can wear skimpy clothes in summer without worrying about straps and bras showing.

I have a large bust and sometimes I’d just kill to be flat! And the last thing I’d ever want is to have a cleavage simply to please boys. Frankly, those that notice are usually slobs you wouldn’t want to be with – all they’re thinking about is getting inside your bra.

Anyway, at 14 you have no idea what body size you’re going to end up with. You could end up as anything from 32A to 36DD – who knows?

My advice is to learn to love yourself whatever your shape. I can see all the disadvantages of being well endowed but my stance in the end is to simply go with the flow and celebrate what I have and who I am. Try it. Any guy who doesn’t have the same attitude isn’t worth even noticing.

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