transgender worries

Dear Suzie, I am 37. Firstly I have battled with a mental health illness for most of my adult life but this isn’t the problem, all though it is! I came out as being gay at the age of 17 but as one gets older one’s thourghts and feelings change and possibly begin to make sense. I know in my heart that I should be male not a gay female and be with a woman this way but want to be a male and be with a woman.

You are the first person I have told, obviously having dealt with mental health proffessionals over the years but unfortunatly have been unable or to ashamed to tell them about this, can you help.I have been impressed by what I have seen of you on the tv. I really do believe that this issue is a huge part of my illness.What can I do? I hope you will be able to find the time somehow to reply.Thankyou for your time

Thank you for trusting me with this. I do admire you for putting it down and for facing up to it. Can I reassure you that you aren’t the only person to feel like this and that there is support and help out there, not only in exploring and coming to terms with your feelings but doing something about it. My suggestion would be to contact The Beaumont Society at and ask for their help. You may also find The Transgender Zone at both revealing and reassuring. I’m sure communicating with people who will be sympathetic with but more importantly understand your feelings will help. Best of luck!

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