stepfamilies aren’t easy!

Dear Suzie,
I have been very interested in your programme this evening I felt very sorry for little Josh I felt he was picked on and it was so unfair.I have also watched the other programmes with interest and was happy tp see the positive results.I have my very own step family that has its ups and downs and between us we have 11 children.Step families are not easy on any one but I would say mainly the poor children are affected.Well done on your good work.

Thank you so much for your kind words! As you may see in another letter, not everyone felt the same but the overwhelming response from people both in and out of stepfamilies has been enormously positive. Yes, Stepfamilies aren’t easy and it is always the kids who suffer most, but with some insight and support and work, they can become marvellous places to be. And the series seems to have reassured many people, let them know they weren’t alone and given some ideas to work on. Good to hear from you!

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