Too embarrassed to go to the doc.

Dear Suzie,
first of all..i love u for having this website! heres the 22. ive never had sex because i chose not to.recently ive had a painful growing inside my private part!im too embarrassed to go to the doc, since ive never even had a sexual problem! i just need to know if its something that’ll go away itself, or im worried coz what if its really serious! help!

Never, ever leave something like this to go away by itself. It may be something uncomfortable and disagreeable that just needs simple treatment that your doctor could give you on the spot which works in a day or so. Or, it could be something serious that needs careful treatment. I can’t tell from what you’ve told me. But what i can say is that you can get conditions in your sexual parts without it having anything to do with sex. And that leaving anything to go away by itself could lead to unnecessary suffering and even make something quite trivial become dangerous.

I applaud your choice not to have sex yet. But, that doesn’t mean that you can forget that aspect of your body, or that you should let embarrassment stop you asking for help. You may feel shy but your doctor will make no judgments or criticism. He or she will only want to help. Please – make an appointment with your doctor today – NOW.

When you see him or her (and if you feel wary of seeing a male doctor you can ask for a female one at your surgery when you make the appointment) say you haven’t had sex. That’s important because it helps with the diagnosis. It also means your doctor won’t do an intimate examination unless really necessary.

I’m glad i was here to read your mail and to help. Now – you make my site worthwhile by taking my advice and seeing your doctor! Let me know how you get on. Good luck!

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