How can I show him that I fancy him?

Dear Suzie,
i have fancied this boy for ages now (about 4 months) and i think he MIGHT feel the same but im not too sure… and im way too scared 2 tell him bout my feelings just in case he stops talking to me completely after that or rejects me coz i dnt wanna ruin our friendship. is there anything i can do to show him that i fancy him without actully tellin him yet? please help

If you think he likes you, he probably does. If you like him, he probably knows. We signal our feelings all the time, in the way we talk to someone, look at them, stand near them. It’s called Body Language and it’s pretty effective in passing on our feelings.

Think about how he is with you. Does he make a point of coming over to talk with you? Does he look at you a lot, and maybe blush or avoid your eyes when you look at him? Does he show off in front of you? You may be so wrapped up in thinking about your own feelings and behaviour when you see him that you don’t notice his, but your friends may be able to tell you.

Mind you, nothing quite substitutes for words. But saying “I really like your company” or “That was a great time we had together” or “Come out with me tomorrow? I like being with you” gets it said without exactly laying yourself open for ridicule or rejection.

You don’t need to say “I really fancy you” until you’re up close and personal. And if you get up close and personal, then both of you are making your feelings clear and making yourselves equally vulnerable.

If you want to show him you like him, smile, say hello, be nice. Save him a seat at lunch time, send him a text message when you’re apart. He’ll get the message! Good luck!

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