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Dear Suzie, i am stuck on my history project no one will help me and it is extremely hard what shall i do

You’re not only asked to do projects and homework generally to see if you can learn and explain the facts at hand. The point is also to let you learn how you handle gathering information, negotiating difficulties and managing problems.

There’s no shame in finding school work hard– maybe it’s supposed to be hard. Maybe you’re expected to say “Hey – I need some help” Even if other people in your class are finding it easier, if you’re making heavy weather the worst thing you can do is struggle on pretending you can manage or trying to cheat your way to finishing it.

My suggestion? Go to your teacher and say you’re having a bad time. Discuss why. It could be your own damn fault – perhaps you weren’t paying attention, had bunked off at important times, lost your work or partied when you should have been working. If so, apologize and say you really want to catch up and could you please have some help in getting it all together. It may be for reasons nothing to do with you – if you’ve been ill or family problems have meant you’re struggling your teacher needs to know this to give you the extra help you deserve.

Whatever, don’t expect to get someone else to do the work for you. But you can expect to have some help in organising where you get the information to do this project, how to understand it and how to put it together. Make it clear you want help in doing it for yourself, and you will get that support. Good luck!

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