We squeeze each other’s bum’s

Dear Suzie, I have known this girl for quite some time now.. she is seeing my best friend. but they been having a few problems. and she turns to me for someone to talk to which i don’t mind. But we have been flirting a lot. we touch and squeeze each other’s bum’s and i don’t know what to do seeing as I’m starting to get feeling for her!!

Touching and squeezing bums is a pretty good indicator of interest. Or indeed, a forerunner to it. If you haven’t feelings before, you’re likely to have them once you’ve got going.

You’ve got a clear choice. Hands off and stay friends with her, your best friend and indeed yourself. Mucking about with a mate’s partner behind their back doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself, does it? If they’re having problems they need the space to sort this out. She may be flirting with you simply to give herself an ego boost and that doesn’t help you or their relationship.

Or, discuss it with her and support her so she can finish with your mate cleanly and clearly, and then the two of you can become partners without it being a guilty secret.

Or, go on as you are and wait for fireworks. Whether it ends in you recognising you’ve been used or him realising he’s been betrayed, no-one will come out of that happily. However hard it seems, grasping the nettle, talking it through, being honest and making a clean choice is always the best tactic.

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