Should i have a bikini wax?

Dear Suzie, I’m going on holiday with my boyfriend next month and he has told me that it is etiquette for women to get a bikini wax before wearing their bikinis. I have always kept a natural bush and wondered if it would be ok to just tuck it in as much as possible. Isn’t this what women did before bikini waxes became fashionable? Or do you think my boyfriend is correct? If so, can you tell me what is involved and whether it is painful. In your experience are there any benefits or disadvantages with doing this? Thanks in advance

Maybe you should tell him it’s etiquette for men to have them a “back, sack and crack” wax before having the impertinence to suggest such a thing.

Yes, of course it’s painful. And there are plenty of disadvantage to doing so, apart from the toe-curling agony. Even having legs waxed can lead to sore, tender skin that makes you look like a newly plucked chicken. You can end up with spots along the line, and as the hair grows it can feel itchy.

Seriously – my objection to bikini waxes may be a bit extreme. But I always have doubts about men who try to clean up and prettify their girlfriends in this sort of way. If he doesn’t love you for the person you are, does he love you at all? And what next, after the bikini wax? A full Brazilian? Much more painful – and positively paedo. Or would he move into nose jobs and breast enhancements or what? If it’s what you want to do, fine. Otherwise, smile sweetly and tell him you’re fine as you are, thank you. If he makes any more of it, take your gorgeous bod elsewhere. Plenty of men who love the real thing out there.

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