retail therapy

Dear Suzie,
i am 22 years old but i sometimes i feel i am alot older because ive always been the “sensible” type, i also feel unhappy about my appearance as i am too plain. i have been told by ppl that i am pretty but i find it hard to believe as i dont feel pretty at all. id really like to change the way i dress, so that i can feel more confidant but im hopeless at clothes shopping and tend to hide my small figure in clothes that are too big. i dont want to attract any attention from the opposite sex, id just like to feel confidant. ive tried to shop for more trendier clothes but the prices put me off as im mostly dependant on my student loan.
can u suggest ways i might be able to look good without breaking the bank?

Take a friend with you when you next go shopping! Charity shops are the places to find what you want for less pennies, and I’m sure given encouragement and reassurance you could make yourself look fab. But what you need is a good friend to have a laugh with, to boost your ego, to persuade you to take a risk on something they know looks good even if you don’t.

Look around you and see if there’s someone with confidence, someone who’s kind who you could frankly ask to give you a hand. It doesn’t have to be someone you see at present as a great mate; just someone who would respond to the appeal you’ve made me and help out. Then – have fun!

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