first date

Dear Suzie, one of my guy mates asked me out but my friends will probably say that i shouldn’t go out with him even though he is the first guy to ask me out what should i do??????????????????????????????????
please help me!!!

Why should they say you shouldn’t go out with him? Jealousy? Has he a bad reputation? Or is the form in your group to only date people who aren’t mates? It can upset everyone when two friends date, and then split up. If you think this may be a risk, maybe you should just stay friends. But if you think you can get closer and still stay good mates, or just go out and have some fun 121, without it going any further…go for it!

But go carefully. Your first date is really imprtant to you and i’d hate to think of it all ending in tears. Tell your Mum what’s happening in your life – how exciting it is and how scary. i’m sure she’ll remember her own first date and be there for you, whatever happens. Good luck!

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