Puppy Love

Dear Suzie, I really like this boy, and he says he likes me to we have performed oral and im really into him! His the furthest iv ever been with. He came around frequently and we played around! But not his seeing someone else and he doesnt call he texts me from time to time but nothing like before he says he stills loves me but needs to think about the age because he is nearly 16 and i am 14! Please answer i need advice i am so depressed without him! Puppy Lover xxxx

I’m sure you do feel strongly about him and it’s certainly an important relationship for you – it feels like young love to you. But I’m worried from what I can understand you say is happening.

Let me get this right. This boy says he likes you but he is seeing someone else? He texts you when he feels like having some sex, and you then give him a blow job? So what does he do for you? Damn all as far as I can see except put you at risk of pregnancy, sexual infections and a broken heart.

You’re 14 which means a boy who has sex with you is breaking the law. Not that the police would want to prosecute if what is going on is young love, and mutual. But it doesn’t sound very loving to me whatever he says. If you’re going to have sex, you need to make sure you’re safe from both pregnancy and infections. If you’re not the only one he has sex with, he can be passing all sorts of stuff around, even if you have oral sex instead of penetrative sex, or he fingers you. And if he thinks he’s not doing anything wrong by having that sort of sex with an under 16 year old, he should think again. Sex acts of all sort are covered by the law that protects someone your age.

The problem with “fooling around” is that sometimes it goes further than you expected and that’s when you wind up pregnant. If I were you I’d visit a doctor to have a talk about contraception and sexual infections. You aren’t breaking the law, and any doctor would want to help you protect yourself and will see you in confidence. But a responsible doctor might also give you the opportunity to discuss whether this particular relationship – if you can call it that – is doing you any good or whether it might be best for you to delete the next text.

Maybe you should be looking for kisses and hugs with someone your own age and leave the rest until it’s with someone who will talk with you, not just text you, who loves you as much as you love them and so wouldn’t do anything to depress you. i think you’d feel better about yourself if you did. Good luck!

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