Parking Problems

I’m driven to distraction by inconsiderate neighbours. Since moving here 13 years ago we’ve had 3 new neighbours in the house across the road, whose gate is more or less facing ours. Visitors always leave their car opposite our gate making it difficult, but not impossible, to get out. The previous people left their car on the road from day 1. We all have garages and drives so there’s no excuse. I very politely asked them to move and the man was apologetic, the woman never spoke to me again and obviously thought I was a Moaning Minny. Now the newcomers are doing the same. Should I play them at their own game? I don’t want to seem petty but I get so worked up and then depressed. I don’t feel inclined to ask them especially if they get nasty and do it all the more. My husband doesn’t see my point and he doesn’t want to move after all this time.


Have you asked yourself why it upsets you so much? As you admit, your exit isn’t actually being blocked. Whether we realise it or not, we’re just like other members of the animal kingdom in being very territorial. We feel threatened when a stranger comes onto “our" patch. This makes us feel scared and angry, which is why you feel so upset at what, on the surface, seems a slight offence. Parking on the road yourself is going to have no effect at all if they share your husband’s laid-back attitude and is only going to lead to a row if they share yours.

Your best bet is to face up to being a bit OTT in your feelings. Go to them and confess that you know you’re being silly but would they do you a favour and leave your exit well clear. You may find that if you make friends, their car parking won’t upset you because you won’t see them as threatening your terrain.

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