My best friend never has time for me

Dear Suzie,My best friend just got a boyfriend and now she never has time to hang out with me anymore, we are definatly growing apart. So I tried makeing plans in advance with her to hang out so I could be sure we would be able to, but I called her the night we had made plans to hang out and she said she couldn’t because she was going to the movies with her boyfriend. When I said something to her about it she told me that boyfriends come before friends. I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do.


There’s nothing you can do if she won’t see sense. Here’s a truth we all need to know; boyfriends come and boyfriends go but friends can be for life. That your best friend hasn’t realised this is her lookout. Maybe you’ll be a better friend to her than she is being to you when she and this boy finish or have problems and she comes back expecting you to pick up where she left off. Maybe by then you’ll have moved on and found a new best friend and decided she only gets one chance.  


Whatever, take a lesson from this. Yes, boyfriends are important. Yes, you’ll want to spend time with one. But only a husband or permanent relationship is more important than your friends. And if you’ve any sense at all, even when The One does come along, you’ll still make time for friends – we all need a support network. But you can’t make her see that if she doesn’t want to. Sadly, she may have to learn the hard way that the last people you should muck about are your mates.

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