I’m 14 and not sure this is normal…

Dear Suzie, Hi,

I am 14 years old and am not sure about my sexuality.

The problem is, all the girls in my class hug me and I get erections, is this normal? Am I straight?

 Please help? (please do not post this on site, please email be back)


I’m afraid I can’t mail back to you because I promise confidentiality on this site and that means your email addy isn’t shown to me or retained.  I’m answering because there’s no way anybody would know who you are. Trust me – you could be just about any 14 year old lad in one of hundreds of schools up and down the country! Nobody is going to read this and say “Hey, look – so-and-so wrote to Suzie!” They’ll be too busy thinking “Hey – that’s what I wanted to ask!”.

 Are you straight? Getting sexually aroused by members of the opposite sex suggests so. Are you normal? I should say so. One of the alarming developments for teenage boys is the tendency for their penises to have a life of their own. But don’t worry – it’s normal.

 It happens because you’ll be experiencing not only physical growth but also hormonal swings at this stage in your growth. Your mind starts noticing girls…so does your body. And while deep inside your mind you’re going “Hubba! Hubba! She’s gorgeous!” that pesky penis is saying it too…by leaping to attention.

 You can get erections while you’re sitting in class, walking down the street, watching tv…whatever and whenever. And sometimes you may not be able to work out exactly what set you off. But getting hugged by a girl is likely to do it.

 I would say from what you have said that your sexuality is likely to be heterosexual, or straight. And it’s awakening at the usual time and at the normal rate. My advice is to carry a book or bag you can swing in front of you, or wear a baggy sweatshirt. And don’t worry.

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