I made a joke and he dumped me!

Dear Suzie, 

today me and my boyfriend were messing about and then i made a joke. because of this joke he dumped me but he was laughing. i really like him and i hope that he still likes me what should i do?

 Sad to say, relationships at your age don’t always last. He may have stopped seeing you because of this joke, he may have been about to do it anyway. And if he can’t take a joke (unless it was a cruel joke), do you really want to go on being with him?

 Don’t see it as a dumping, though. Did you think you and he were going to go through college together, get married, have kids, grow old in each other’s company? No? Then it was going to finish sometime, wasn’t it? Either of you could have been the one to decide to call it a day. I’m glad you still like him – he may still like you and it’s good to still have affection and care for people we’ve spent time with. That doesn’t mean we still want to have them as special in our lives or be a couple.

 You could go and ask him “What was that about? We still friends?” Maybe you did hurt him and maybe he does deserve an apology. But what you do and what you are isn’t always the reason people change their feelings or what they want. Sometimes, they just change and there’s nothing you can do about it but shrug and accept it as a learning experience. Over a lifetime, you’ll have plenty of good relationships and some bad. Some will last, some will not. Some you’ll end and some the other person will call time on. That’s life.

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