I can’t talk dirty!

Dear Suzie,

I have a quite embarassing problem that I really want sorted…I can’t talk dirty! I really would like to do that with my husband as I feel he would enjoy dirty talking but I feel too embarassed to do so!! Could you help me overcome this pleeeease, it would mean so much!

Thanks in advance

Some people find talking dirty gives them a thrill. Some don’t so do clear with your husband first whether you’re worrying yourself over something that actually doesn’t ring any bells with him.

Talking dirty is really just about using language you do find embarrassing or difficult to give yourself a thrill. The excitement is in the fact that it feels rather naughty. So a good start is to ask him to tell you what he might like, or to describe what he is doing with you, and for him to lead the way.

Then, simply try describing what the two of you are doing, but use basic language to do so – instead of telling him “Oh, it’s lovely making love with you” say “I love….” …well, what do you want to say you’re doing?

If you need inspiration or vocabulary, go to your library or local book shop or amazon and find a super little book called Gallop Your Maggot: The Ultimate Book of Sexual Slang by Jeremy Holford. It might just help!

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