How can you tell?

Dear Suzie, I would really like to know the signs of somebody loving you? As there is this boy I really like and i want to know if he feels the asme way. {Please if you could tell me the basic signs)

Well – the physical signs of interest are pupils of the eye enlarging when the person you fancy comes in sight, a slight flush on the cheeks and chest, faster breathing and sweaty palms.

Most people who react to being with a person they like by talking to them, looking at them. They may go out of their way to to be where that person is. They also tend to bore their friends sick by talking about the person they fancy or asking questions about them. They may be kind and helpful to the person they’re attracted to, offering to help them or spend time with them.

But it all gets complicated by the fact that young people think it’s oh so kwl to play it cool. So sometimes the sure signs that someone likes you is that they slag you off, ignore you, walk away when you join the group…

If you like him, what are the signs you may be showing to him? That could give you some clues – is he behaving the same?

Personally, I don’t think you can put together a check list and tick it off to see if someone likes you or not. The best way to find out is to go by your instincts or ask. You like him – fine! Next time you see him, ask him if he’d like to have a coffee or drink with you, go to a film, listen to some sounds….you choose what you think you’d like to share with him.

Sometimes you have to risk being rejected to get what you want. That’s why boys often hang back – they’re scared of being laughed at. I can’t give you a fool-proof way of knowing what the reaction will be before you put yourself on the line. But wouldn’t it be awful if he really liked you but was too nervous to say, and you held back until someone else with more self confidence swooped in and carried him away? Go on – take the risk!

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