He’s really cute!

Dear Suzie,
Theres this boy at school who i really like. He’s nice, cute and he has a great personality but theres one problem i’m a very shy person and i’m scared that i ask him out he’ll say no!
What do i do please help!!

Well, that’s the risk you run I’m afraid. Ask and you may always get a no.

But do you know what I think is far, far worse than asking and being turned down?? Far, far worse would be not to ask – to winge around on the outskirts, hoping and dreaming and praying. And then to find out days, months, years later that what you wanted would have been yours for the asking but now it’s too late.

He’s nice and has a great personality. So if he was already taken or didn’t fancy you, he’d have the decency to turn you down kindly, wouldn’t he? And what if he’s been eyeing you up but is himself too shy to ask? Or thought it would be too painful to be turned down? And if you didn’t say anything, and someone with more self confidence stepped in and snatched him away from under your nose?

Come on! Faint heart never won fair bloke! Life is for taking. Ask him out. It won’t be the end of the world if he says no. And it would be so nice if he said yes. But it would be too, too awful if neither of you said anything and never knew what might have happened!

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