He hasn’t rung – should i call him?

I met a guy at work and we chatted and got along really well. He had to quit so on his last day I gave him my phone number. He was really happy but didn\’t get a chance to say anything because I was so nervous I quickly walked away (whoops!) Anyway he\’s a really really shy guy and he\’s never had a girlfriend as his friend tells me, so I\’m not surprised by the fact he hasn\’t called me and it has been a couple of weeks now. His friend told me that the guy likes me but he doesn\’t believe I like him… what should I do? I don\’t have the guy\’s number, should I look him up in the phone book and give him a call? I\’m not too close with the friend otherwise I\’d pass a message along through him. How can I show my interest without looking creepy? What should I do?

You don’t have to be close to someone to contact them and say “Hey – give me your friend’s phone number, please.” Nothing creepy about that, especially since it was this friend who has said he likes you and presumably knows how shy he is.

It’s such a touch job being a guy – always expected to be the one to put yourself on the line and risk rejection by asking the other person out. Come on – this is the bloody 21st century not the 18th. Do we really still believe a woman will lose her reputation and be called ‘forward’ if she asks a man out? Get his number. Call him. Suggest coffee or a drink. Go. Enjoy. See what happens!

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