He could kill his auntie

Dear Suzie, my friend has been in prisson befor he is 15 he is my boyfriends best friend and i care about him but he goes mad easaly he is tring to run away from home because he could kill is aunti so what can i do to help because i cant sleep knowing this

If I understand you correctly, you’re saying your boyfriend’s friend has a temper that scares you, and that he’s been locked up because of it. He wants to leave home because he doesn’t trust himself – at any time he may blow up and harm someone. Is that right?

OK – the good news; he seems aware enough about his problems that he’s trying to get away from the situation where he feels he could lose control. The bad news is that this pretty serious stuff for you to feel is on your shoulders. You shouldn’t feel you have to come up with a solution.

You have a couple of options. You could talk with the young man himself, and say you’re concerned and care about him and don’t want to see him harm himself or anyone else. Urge him to get some help. Young Minds would be a really good place to look for help – he could be in touch, or someone could on his behalf.

But I don’t think that someone should be you. Frankly, I feel your best option is to get some help for yourself because this is a heavy weight for you to be carrying. You should sit down, calmly and quietly, with an adult you can trust and explain the situation. I’d suggest a parent or a teacher – someone who trusts you and will listen to you and not just dismiss what you are saying, and who would be prepared to take over from you.

They could then pass this over to someone who really could help the lad. I’m not sure if the police should be alerted to the situation, or the probation services, or social services – it all depends on who might already be trying to help him. Please don’t sit on it, though, or try to deal with it by yourself. He deserves some help but so do you.

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