best enemies

Dear Suzie, at school i did something horrible to my friend because she wasn’t my friend at the time now i feel awful about it beacause she won’t speak to me i have apologised but she still acts cold to me.What should i do?????????????

For a start, take this as a learning experience; there is never any excuse to be nasty to anyone. At your age, your enemy may well become your friend, or the other way round – at least 27 times a week. Be kind to everyone, if for no other reason than it might come back to haunt you.

When someone is unpleasant, it hurts. It hurts far worse when it’s someone you trust and thought of as a friend because not only are you having to bear the meanness but also the sense of betrayal. No wonder she acts cold – she can’t forget what you did, how she felt and she can’t get out of her mind the fear that if she trusts you again you may break that trust again.

My advice is to write her a letter, saying you now understand all this and ask her to forgive you. She may, she may not. She’s more likely to do so if she can believe you recognize how much it hurt and you’ll never, ever do that again. Good luck!

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