are you that Suzie?

Dear Suzie,

This might seem a bit odd, but do you have a brother called Kif? If so, you might remember me way back when in the early 80s when I went out with him for a short period. I might have got this totally wrong, but I do remember his sister working in mental health at the time, in cambridge?

Anyway, slightly weird enquiry, I know. But one never forgets ones early loves!

If you are the same Suzie, I do hope you and your family are well, if not, never mind! I do admire you work and wish you all the best.

Thank you for those kind words – and I wish i could say it’s me and could put you in touch with that early love; yes, you never forget them! But sadly, although I have a cousin called Kifi, I have no brothers at all. And while I did attend college in Cambridge, I’ve never worked in mental health there. So no – sorry, it must be my doppleganger; I seem to have a few of them around! Maybe that Suzie will read this and get in touch and I can effect a reunion! All the best

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