Kissing cousins?

Dear Suzie,

Okay your going 2 think this is extremelly sick but i have a problem a BIG problem! my cousin and i have always been really close we see each other alot and just about 7 months ago something started happening. We’d be sat on the sofa just having a casual hug but he started getting a bit closer and when he does it i dont know what to do! i know i wouldnt have the nerve to talk 2 him. Does he like me or something? i’ve seen the way he looks at me and i know he’s not sick or anything but its not right 2 like your cousin right? And just recently i have been having really bad luck with guys and he’s always there and now im developing feelings for him! please help i really dont know what to do!

It’s perfectly allowable to not only have a relationship with a cousin but even to marry one. So, no, I don’t think this is sick; I don’t think it’s even remotely unusual!

What I do think is that the best relationships are with people you know and trust, people with whom you have a lot in common and people who care for you. If all that applies then you can see why the two of you should be drawn to each other.

I think it would be a good idea to chat it over with a parent, though. As I said, the legal situation in the UK is that cousins are not barred from loving relationships, sexual relationships or even marriage. But I don’t know what culture you come from and some cultural groups do have different ideas about it. The law applies in this country whatever your origin – but your family are the people who need to know and say if it’s Ok for them.

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