I can’t get a job!

Dear Suzie, 

I’m having problems with my parents which is closely linked with my unemployment. I turned 16 in May and so couldn’t apply for a job before then. Sadly applying so late has meant that there isn’t any jobs available. 

 I had an interview for Tesco’s who then said they would call that evening if I had been offered a job. I waited by the phone for hours. But sadly they didn’t call. I found out that 2 people from my school had recieved the jobs but they were people who hadn’t bothered at school so I felt hurt.

 My Dad constantly shouts at me saying that I never do anything round the house. Which is a lie because I clean, cook and do my own washing and ironing. But he’s never around to witness it. He always makes me feel useless and constantly tells me to get a job because I’m lazy. I’m always at the gym though and hardly ever sit around the house like he comments.

 The thing is that I have tried my best to get a job, I applied to places but were rejected. I’m also with 2 agencies but they haven’t had any jobs. The problem is that places wont take 16 year olds because of their lack of experience. But you can’t get experience without a job. 

 My parents don’t give me money because of my age and so I have to go without things because I have no access to money. The thing that annoys me the most is that my 19 year old sister recently got a job that required qualifications and my parents are throwing it in my face making out if she can do it so can I. She’s older than me and it’s her first job so I don’t see why they’re treating me like this when they never made an effort to maker her get a job at 16. Plus she has qualifications because she’s been to college. My Dad just can’t accpet that I can’t do the things she does because I’m only 16. He acts like I’m the lazy one.

 I just don’t know what to do, the more days that go by that I don’t have a job. The more lazy I look.

 I’ve contacted several websites and connexions to ask for advice but they just suggest shops. I’ve asked everywhere in my home town but I can’t afford to travel anywhere else.

 I’m so confused.


Families often get angry places to be in when people feel disappointed and let down. Sometimes, parents get most upset when they fell they’ve let their kids down. You seem to be focussing on the job market but I’ve a simple question; why a job? Why not a apprenticeship, a college course, further training? Why have you been champing at the bit to get out and work since before May when you could see how much better your sister has done in going to college?

It sounds to me as if you’re in a sad and confused situation at the moment. It’s more than possible your parents are most upset because they feel you’re not exactly seeing the bigger picture here. At 16 you have something like 75 years ahead of you, at least 50 of them in full time employment. Doesn’t it make sense to do a little more preparation for this? And when your parents can see you’re making the effort to look for help in a more structured way, you may find them less upset and more supportive.

I’d suggest you go along to your nearest JobCentre. Not only can they help with finding work far more importantly they can help with finding training – training you’re entitled to until you are 19. Train and get some qualifications and you’ll be better placed to find work eventually. If your sister can do it, so can you.

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