mumps on her vagina!!

Dear Suzie, i have a mate that has mumps on he vagina!! please help she doesnt no wot 2 do and dont want to tell her mum thanks again xx

Mumps or lumps? It doesn’t really matter; whatever your mate has, she needs to go to her doctors surgery AT ONCE.

It could be nothing, it could be serious, but whatever it is it’s not going to go away on its own. Leaving it might make it worse. Reassure her of four things.

One is that she can see the nurse instead of the doctor if she’s scared of seeing the doc.

Two is that whoever she sees, even if she’s under 16 she can make an appointment and go without her Mum, and they won’t ring or write home to say she’s been to the surgery without talking it over with her. It may remain something just between her and them.

Three is that she’s not going to get told off or made to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

And four is that if – IF – she needs an examination that would embarrass or scare her, she can have someone else in with her to hold her hand so she’s not alone with the doctor. You’re being such a good friend you could go along with her to give her some support.

Don’t let her suffer in silence – get her to see the only sensible thing to do is go for help!

Good luck!

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