Foreskin worries

Dear Suzie,

my foreskin does not goes back after erection of my penis.

i have tried it lots of time but it pains.

is it necessary that i can only put condom if my foreskin retracts back.

i’ll be able to have a successful sex without retracted foreskin or not

When you’re born, part of the head of your foreskin is fused to your penis. Most young men will find it gradually frees up as they grow up and can be pulled back. In most situations, it will then slide back and forth easily. In a few cases, it remains attached and cannot be pulled back or retracted. In other cases, it remains tight so that once pulled back it is not easy to roll it back over the end of the penis after an erection. I’m not entirely sure which situation you are describing. Whatever, my answer is the same. This isn’t a rare situation. But it is one that needs some treatment.

You do need to have a word with your doctor. I know this seems embarrassing and scary. But trust me, if you leave it the result could be even more embarrassing and scary. If the problem is that the end of the foreskin is too tight, it could get stuck while you are having an erection, and you may find the erection cannot go down. When that happens, it’s painful and may end up with you in the surgery but as a emergency case. If the situation is that you can’t pull your foreskin back at all, it may lead to infection. And yes, it may make it difficult to use a condom and that is a problem in itself.

Your doctor will be very sympathetic but matter-of-fact about it and help. See him or her soon. Good luck!

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