Is this normal?

Dear Suzie, well i am 15 and i have this problem with my… down low. the middle bit comes out over the outer part and i dont know what to do.
all the other girls can go to the beach with just there swimmers but i have to wear baord shorts cz i am to embarresed.
how can i change it? please help

Just as everyone has a nose, a mouth, two eyes and two ears, we all have the same sexual bits between our legs. Female genitals are made up of an opening called the vagina, protected by your labia. There are two outer lips – called the outer labia. During puberty these grow a covering of curly, coarse hair. The inner lips are more sensitive, without hair, and the membrane covering them can and should be moist at times, especially when you are sexually excited.

In some people, the inner lips are smaller than the outer ones. In other people, the inner lips are longer and can hang down outside them. It’s exactly the same as faces – some people have large lips, some have thin ones; some have straight lips, some have curved ones. And think about ears, or noses; you know without me telling you that there is a wide range of shapes and sizes and all are natural and normal and OK. Genital lips are the same.

Most of your anxiety is because you’re noticing this part of your body at the moment since it has changed over the last few years. Before you started going through puberty, the inner and outer lips were smaller and smooth. It can come as quite a shock to find them plumping up and growing hair, and often we think the difference is far more than it actually is. Because it’s unlike how it was, we think it’s somehow ‘wrong’. It isn’t.

It shows less than you think, and what shows is a normal outline. If you feel shy about it, when you put on your swimsuit, just tuck the inner lips inside the outer ones. Don’t let this shyness continue to hold you back.

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