Was I right to call the cops on my sister?

Dear Suzie,
I could really use some advice on family issues. I have too kind of a heart and let my dad stay wth me after getting outta prison. he was supost to find a job and be out ASAP but it’s been two months now. I pay for everything and he has been letting my sister come in my house after repeadily being told not to. She has stole from me and tries to run over me aswell. I know she don’t mean it, but she is on drugs. She has nowhere else to go either. I am calling the cops today to have them keep an eye on my house. My sister has two felony warrents out for her and I think if they show up then they will either get her or they will scare her so she will stay away. I love my family, but I don’t like to be taken advantage of and she still wears my clothes. Is it wrong of me to call the cops? This morning I realized I had forgot to lock my car and could tell someone went through the console. I want to help famliy, but enough is enough right?

Yes, absolutely – enough is enough. Of course we want to support and help family but it’s a two way thing. If all they can do is abuse and use you, you do not have to accept it and you owe them nothing. NOTHING. And it’s their choice, not yours, that it has come to that.

If you want to show your Dad, and your sister, the sort of love that has any meaning, and that could help them, you can show them tough love. That means telling them that until they can behave with care and decency they are not welcome in your life. Show your Dad the door now, and don’t let him back. Change the locks and let your friends and family know what you have decided. Enough is enough, my dear – you really don’t deserve this sort of vile behaviour.

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