Timers and courses

Dear Suzie, I am an integrative counsellor and Supervisor, I would like to know if you run any training courses, I work with 11 to 18 year olds at a school, I also have a private practice where I see adults. I very much enjoy your books and your TV programme ‘Step Families’. I am wondering where you buy your timers, and your red handbag is fab’!

Thank you for your kind words! Stepfamilies was quite an experience and did seem to hit the spot with many people – we’re still trying to raise interest in a second series. For now, I do seminars on parenting issues and I am thinking about offering parenting courses in my home area. I’m also thinking of offering some new services through this website – watch this space!

You can get timers from Ocean; I did find them extraordinarily effective. Before the series, I always suggested clients use a clock or timer for such exercises. The timer made such a difference to the families in the series I now recommend them.

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