The Flirty Type

I’m the sociable and friendly sort and laugh and joke with people, men included. There’s a man at work I like very much. His marriage failed and he was treated badly by his ex so I think he feels all women are no good. I must come across as the flirty type that would cheat on him and not be serious. I wish I could show my more sensitive side to him. I see him every day and he does know I like him but he’s got the wrong impression of me.

You don’t know what he thinks of you until you ask. He may not be chatting you up or asking you out simply because he wants to keep his work and social life separate, not because he has a poor opinion of you or of women in general. If you’re really keen, test the water. Ask him directly if he’d like to go out for a drink and get to know you. But if the real you is a bit of a joker, trying to pretend to be someone else won’t make for a good relationship. Be yourself and you may find he likes your style after all.

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